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Where to play Android pokies

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online pokies |


     The title of this article is good question, which I will gladly answer.

     Advancement of technology brought out favourite pokies to handheld devices and that was the dawn of Android pokies. Online pokies have existed for long time before they arrived to android devices. Technology has helped in creation of applications that are connected to major online casinos and which allow playing of online pokies on them. Due to software’s compatibility, pokies came to Android several months before their debut on Apple devices. Compatibility of android software is main reason behind large number of android pokies and rather small number of iPhone pokies.

In order to respect the title of this article and give you some idea of where to find and play android pokies I will make a short list of online casinos that have android compatibility.


Royal Vegas Casino is a well know name in the world of online gambling , and their android compatibility was expected step towards technological improvement they are always striving for. They offer over 35 android pokies and that list is updated with new pokies as they are created and customized for android use. is another casino which bring pokie games to android users. Rather than being normal online casino with android app as addition, this casino places big focus on mobile gaming and that is reason behind their successful stride into android pokie gaming.

All Slots Casino is pokies only casino which brought their merchandise to android gaming as well. This online casino is a bit more casual type of casino, but their mobile software is pretty advanced. For android users they have special deposit offers. The best offer is their minimum deposit of 5 dollars which doesn’t drag some high requirement bonus with it. As I said this casino is more focused on casual gaming with low amount of deposit.

 Progressive jackpots are not excluded from android pokies, so you will have same chance of hitting it as any other player.

 When it comes to financing an account on which you are playing your android pokies there are two ways to do that. Fist is by using one account for playing on your PC and your android device. If you are like that you can deposit money on your usual way and then log in over your android device and enjoy in games. But, you can do that over android device only. As I have repeated several times the technology has advanced and deposits over Android devices is nothing strange. You can use a multitude of payment methods to do an android transaction and deposit money on your online casino account.

 online-casino-games-on-AndroidBefore you jump on a first online casino that offers android application check whether that application is any good. Online casino might be great, but their application night not. Some applications for android devices are done badly and it is impossible to play some games over them. So check only for any comments on certain online casino android pokies application, and only when you are  certain that it is a well done application you should download it.

Some Useful Online Jackpot Pokies Information

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online pokies |


The first jackpot pokie game was published by Microgaming in 1988. It was a game Cash Splash. The most famous game appeared in 2002. This was Major Millions and in the game the first time in history you could accomplish the jackpot of 1 594 694,21 $.

However, all records were killed in 2013 when a lucky player invested of 25 cents received € 17,861,813 or $ 26,302,519. Played Mega Fortune pokie from Net Entertainment. This victory was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Today, the award is much less, ranging somewhere around 10 000 $. But there are some useful things you should know if you are up against the jackpot.

How the Progressives Work

Instead of the main prize, which is a constant in this type of game players start at the basic level and every bet is added to the main jackpot, which won the happiest player in the end. The progressive jackpot increases until someone, who is lucky, wins it.

Chances of Winning

Chances are by chance one in a million as was the case with the lottery. There can only be one lucky winner. The chances are higher if you play games with smaller cash prizes. Then, more players have a chance to get the money and pay more often.

Requirements  of Jackpot Pokie Games

In one game you need to gaming only on the maximum stake that you had a chance to win. It is very important to carefully read the instructions before you start to play and invest money.

If you are looking for the greatest possible gains then the progressive jackpot is the right way to go.

Jackpot City Casino


JackpotCity Casino was founded by Microgaming in 1988 and is very popular choice among the players who are looking for online jackpot pokie games. Jackpot City casino contains over 500 games, of which over 250 online jackpot pokie games. Because it is the right choice for every player who wants maximum payout. As a member of Jackpot City Casino read the sentence can achieve an initial bonus of 1600 $.

Top online jackpot pokie games that carry the largest gains are Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight, Cashapillar and Thunderstruck. Players can opt in favor of this game as it brings the most money and the possibility to conclude a series of winning are almost limitless.

Many manufacturers online jackpot until software, and definitely the most famous Microgaming, cryptologic-casino-software-gk-ukNet Entertainment, Cryptologic Casinos, Wizard Gaming Casinos, Playtech and others. These are the most common and have millions of players around the world who can boast gains in the online jackpot pokie games.

Payment of money in an online casino that is depositing at an online casino is not complicated and does not pose a threat to the safety of users, as many as players think, so it’s good to briefly explain what payment systems over the Internet are used. Online wallet or internet banking is a reality for modern business, so it is the case for Internet gaming and online casinos.


Progressive jackpot in online pokies

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online pokies |

jackpot-city-microgaming-casinosProgressive jackpot is found in online slot machines or as they are called In Australia online jackpot pokies. In those pokies the jackpot is progressive as its name suggests, it increases as people play those pokies and fail to win that jackpot. Once someone hits that jackpot it resets and starts again from zero or from some minimal amount.

The amount of money that is contributed to the jackpot per game is small, in many cases only one fifth of hoped-for profit which is in many cases under 20 percent, and in some of those cases even 5 percent. But one jackpot can be filled through several online pokie games and it fills quite fast. There are several valid reasons behind these progressive jackpots:

  • Novelty which progressive jackpots are. There will be only a small number ofscreen520x924.jpeg games in a casino that are connected to a jackpot.
  • Meter which shows amount of money in jackpot which changes as more money goes into jackpot, which can be seen of every page of the casino.
  • And size of the jackpot. As more money goes into that jackpot more people will play games that are connected to it in hopes of winning that money.

     But to win that jackpot you will have to play that game with largest wager there is and you will have to hit rarest combination to get to that money. This takes a lot of money.

    If there is a challenge which is hard to many people, there will be chosen few who will find a way to cheat around it and get their hands on cash. And it is same with progressive jackpots. The secret is found in break-even point. Break-even point represents the moment in which the jackpot becomes positive expectation. Break-even point is calculated with frequency in which jackpot is won in the past and odds of hitting that jackpot. At that point the risk of not winning that jackpot and losing a lot of money becomes inessential and that jackpot is expected, and in theory there is no chance of not winning it. But in reality calculation of that point in online slot games is not formed on exact numbers and can be quite inaccurate.

images,1,Players that use this strategy are called Advantage players. They play online jackpot pokies once the  break-even point is reached, and they don’t touch them if there are no positive expectations for winning. But even if they win that jackpot the casino still profits.  All that money in jackpot came out of other people failing to reach it, and that amount was paid off by those games.

As it can be seen aiming at jackpot in online jackpot pokies that utilize progressive jackpot is not really something that is worth doing. You might lose a lot of money and win nothing at the end just because you failed to  properly calculate break-even point. So, instead of chasing ghosts you should sit back and enjoy online jackpot pokies that have normal jackpots and chase them if with lower wagers.


Online Casino Games

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online pokies |


Since the creation of online casino, online casino games grew in number and variety. When you enter online casino game list you will see hundreds of different types of your favorite games. It doesn’t matter if you like only one form of online games, you will find numerous versions of that game, and let me tell you they are not all the same. Some of those games are themed in one fashion or another, and different wagers and winning lines are present in every game. Now for all of you online casino lovers here is the list of basic games of which you will find many variations in any casino:

    • Online slots, or as they are called in Australia online pokies (remember that both slots and poker machines are called pokies in Australia) are most common type of game in an online casino. But from their humble beginnings slots evolved in many different forms and you will find slots with different number of drums and so on. And progressive jackpots are connected to many slot games, so you will be able to chase multiple million jackpots.
    • Then there is virtual poker which is also called pokies and which like slot games gives a chance of hitting progressive jackpot (some games have progressive jackpot, some don’t). This poker is played with basic rules, you get 5 cards, discard those that you don’t like and then gain new cards that take place of those that were discarded. Every winning hand, form one pair to flush royal pays out, and size of the pay-out is determined by the strength of your hand and wager size you are playing with.
    • Blackjack is also very popular game both in Blackjack11reality and in online casinos. Its basic gameplay revolves around getting to 21 by drawing cards. You are given two cards and you can ask for more. You will compete with house as well as other players. All royal cards are 10 and only an ace is worth 11, other cards have their normal worth. If you go over 21 your score is not valid and you lose. Basic payment system of blackjack is 1:1 in a game in which you play one versus one against house. If you win you gain wager amount from the house, and if you lose you wager is lost.

    • Roulette is also very popular game which sprouted many strategies that can be found on forums. Due to number of possible winning variations and the very nature of the game there are many strategies for high and low rollers. Explaining how roulette works is unnecessary, you place you bet and the ball spins.
  • Then there are scraps, in which you roll a pair of dice in hopes of hitting 7 or 11 which are winning numbers. There are several numbers which would signify your loss, and then there are numbers that lead to another round. Scraps have evolved once they appeared on inline casino sites. Right now there are many forms of scraps with different wagers slightly different rules and so on.



Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online pokies |

As we all can clearly see, our world is going through another mini-revolution, and this time the center of our social lives is being moved to a more mobile world, the world of “smart” telephones and other gadgets. Advancements in technology and the overall progress of society have brought a new world order right into our pockets, and we now do a lot of our activities by sliding our finger over a piece of glass. Of course, this change, like most other moments in evolution, is inevitable and unstoppable, and as soon as we adapt to it, we’ll have better chances of enjoying life and making our days pleasant and satisfying.

mobile-pokiesSoftware developers are the first who are adapting, since they are in the same the wheels of this evolutionary change, and they are constantly upgrading our mobile devices, offering more and more possibilities. Online gambling is one such example, and mobile phones are the new Mecca for gamers and creators of this type of content. Mobile pokies are especially attractive to gamers from all over the word, predominantly Australia, and popularity of this method of playing slot games is constantly on the rise. If you ever wondered what makes mobile pokies so entertaining, here are a few answers.

Mobile pokies are a continuation of the process which saw slots moving from real-life brick and mortar casinos onto the personal computers and software platforms. But, people wanted something more than just sitting at one place all day long and mobile gaming provided the perfect solution to the problem. People quickly surpassed the phase of playing pokies on their home computers, although this option still has a significant amount of followers. Online gambling is still holding its position well due to the fact that older people are not yet accustomed to new options and opportunities which come with smartphones and they still play their favorite slot games predominantly from the comforts of their own home. On the other hand, younger population is using smartphones for almost everything, and they also play pokies everywhere. This convenient feature allows them to be an active player even when they are driving on a bus, or waiting for a friend, or when having that little bit of free time between classes and studying.

images22Mobile pokies are attractive because they are convenient but also because they have great quality of design and performances, since new phones are very close to desktop computers when it comes to graphics and audio preferences. Software developers are using this situation to transfer games to mobile platforms and to make high-quality content available on Android and iOS. Visual effects and performances are almost the same, and people can enjoy in the vast amount of themes and decorations which usually accompany a game of pokies. Also, the concepts of playing remain the same, which means that all type of games are available through mobile apps as well. Progressive and non-progressive pokies are equally available, as well as 3-reel and 5-reel pokies.


Best Online Casino sites

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online pokies |

Best Online Casino sites

There are many websites that will show you  lists telling you what casino is the best and and others that are near the top. But most of those sites are not objective in their writing, something I can’t stand. I will create similar list, but I will only list several casinos that are worthy of your attention. There are those that will not be listed here but they are also good, so main message of this introduction is not to cling to lists too much. Do your own research of every online casino you find and that is the best way to find out whether it is a good casino for you or not.

online_europa_casinoFirst online casino I would like to point out is Europa Casino. The feel their site offers is great, it represents their step into the unknown, implementing something new to excite old and new players. If you want to try playing online casino games you will not make a mistake with Europa Casino.

All games that are popular right now can be found in Europa Casino, and if you are not a fan of those then you can pick something else from over 300 games that this casino offers. Great addition that Europa Casino implemented and which can be hardly seen in other online casinos is preview of all games. That preview will show you the game and just from that you can see whether you like that game or not. Games with progressive jackpots are present as well, so you can play for big and try to become a millionaire. Europa Casino is well known for their bonuses, of which there are many, so you will be able to get some extra money for playing and eventually you will be able to withdraw that money.

2013327232558-casino-tropez-mobile-promoCasino Tropez is another respectable casino that has large player base and little to no complains over the web. This casino offers hundreds of games among which you will find pokies that will serve for fun when you have little time and roulette, blackjack and other games which you can play for hours and get some profit from that.

Casino Tropez has great security as well as reliability, as it is stated by many satisfied players. If you hate downloads you can use an instant play option and play Casino Tropez games directly from your browser. But for full enjoyment of this casino I would advise download.


images,3Last casino in this article is 888Casino, medium scale online casino that exists over 18 years and going. I say medium scale casino because it isn’t leader in this business, but it has good number of players. This casino has around 50 games which is too little in this time, but players are still happy with it. Main reason behind good number of players with only 50 games is due to security. This casino has been around for far longer than any leading casino and they never had any issues with withdrawal or other money related issues many new casinos have.